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What to Do in a Divorce

Divorce Attorney in Upland Explain How to Avoid Costly Mistakes

Are you looking to get a divorce or are in the middle of the divorce process? The divorce laws in the state of California are complex, making the procedure increasingly difficult and expensive. The best strategy is to immediately enlist the professional assistance of an experienced and knowledgeable divorce lawyer in Upland who can help steer you through the challenging process and give you the legal counsel you need to resolve issues with your ex-spouse.

Whether amicable or contested, your divorce can be made easier by following the counsel of the firm's attorney. Here are some tips from the legal team at the Law Offices of Heidi H. Romeo, APLC to get you started:

Divorce Do's

  • Do consult a family law attorney as soon as issues begin to arise. Divorce is complicated, and you should gather information regarding your own personal needs as soon as you believe you may require that information in the near or immediate future. Do use an experienced family law attorney who has the knowledge of the law necessary to make sure that your interests are protected.
  • Do make photocopies of all documents you will need - including tax returns, bank statements, paycheck stubs, report cards, and quarterly statements for all investment and retirement accounts - for the last three years of your marriage.
  • Do tell your attorney whether you believe that your case can be resolved by settlement or whether there are issues that you think will require the assistance of the court. Do ask your attorney for a full explanation of everything that you do not understand. Divorce is a complicated process.
  • Do be practical and flexible. Finding the middle ground often results in a quicker and easier conclusion. Do use good business sense when deciding what to fight for and at what cost should you fight for it.
  • Do document everything that you might think will be important later on in the process. Keep a journal of important dates and events leading up to and during the divorce process.
  • Do be prepared to give a full and honest disclosure of your income, your expenses, your assets, and your liabilities. Do be honest and up front. Tell your attorney everything.
  • Do get professional counseling or assistance if you need it to help cope with your divorce.
  • Do check into your future health insurance needs.
  • Do make your children feel that your new home is also their home. Even little things can help ease the transitory process. For example, make sure that whatever chores they were responsible for at your prior home they are also responsible for in your new home. Do remember that the children have a social life. They have soccer, birthday parties, piano lessons, school events, friends, and other concerns. It is important to allow their social life to remain as normal as possible.
  • Do show respect toward your spouse in front of the children. This is absolutely crucial for the well-being of your family as they make this difficult transition. Do make every effort to work with your spouse in order to present a united front for your children. Do keep all exchanges between you, your spouse, and the children as peaceful as possible. Do make sure that the children know they are not the reason for the divorce.

Divorce Don'ts

  • Don't represent yourself. Even the most experienced attorneys use a divorce attorney when they get divorced.
  • Don't let your friends tell you what to do. Though they may have good intentions, always listen to your attorney. Your attorney knows the law. Don't assume that you will have the same results in your case that your friends did. Every case is unique.
  • Don't have unrealistic expectations and don't get greedy. No matter how badly you have been hurt, you are not entitled to more than the law allows. This attitude will cost you unnecessary attorney fees. Don't spend thousands of dollars in attorney fees fighting over furniture.
  • Don't overreact to your emotions and do seek professional assistance to resolve the emotional issues that arise from your separation and divorce.
  • Don't make negative or derogatory remarks about the other parent, or the other parent's family or friends, in the presence of your children. Don't show the children your paperwork or discuss the details of the divorce with your children. Don't put your children in the middle of your divorce. The divorce is between you and your spouse. Don't put your spouse down in front of the children. Don't question the children regarding the activities of your soon-to-be-ex spouse or use the children as messengers.
  • Don't pay your support late. Ensuring that your payments are on time shows your spouse and the court that you have a cooperative attitude, which can minimize problems. Don't withhold the children from visits if your spouse's support is late.
  • Don't pick up your children for visitation if you have been drinking or have taken drugs. Don't be late for custody exchanges.
  • Don't violate court orders - even if you disagree with them.
  • Don't start selling assets and don't hide property.

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