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What You Need To Know

Facing a Divorce?

Do you require the assistance of a divorce lawyer? The Law Offices of Heidi Romeo & Associates provides a team of three attorneys who understand the situation you are going through and can help you in or out of court. Divorce is becoming increasingly difficult and expensive. The attorneys at the Law Offices of Heidi Romeo & Associates desire to make the divorce experience to be as smooth and simple as possible for you. They can explain how your case should be handled and inform you of your available options. Heidi H. Romeo has been licensed to practice law since June 1995 and has practiced exclusively in the Inland Empire during that time. Ms. Romeo and her associates work together as a team to assist each client, acutely aware of the stress that the client is enduring while going through the process.

It is very important to the firm that its clients made aware of all of their options. When faced with a legal dilemma, the firm desires that its clients know the different choices they can make and how each choice can affect the outcome of their case. At the beginning of each case, the attorneys try to assess whether a case may be settled with little to no litigation or whether litigation will be necessary, so as to give each client an idea as to how their case could proceed. The Law Offices of Heidi Romeo & Associates is interested in helping clients achieve settlement out of court if possible, while also being prepared to fully litigate the matter, if the need for litigation arises.

The Upland divorce attorneys at the firm are dedicated to helping individuals understand their own personal situations and counseling them through the difficult issues. The purpose behind this approach is to protect the client. Furthermore, throughout the course of each case, each attorney is dedicated to ensuring that all client questions and concerns are promptly and thoroughly addressed. A divorce is directly between two people but involves so many more individuals, including children. The firm's experienced family law attorneys can explain the long-term ramifications of every element of a case so that you feel confident in the decisions you make.

Help for Your Family Law Case

Most people never expect to end up in court over issues concerning custody of their precious children, their finances, or the division of the assets and property that they have worked so hard to obtain over the years. Often, these clients have never worked with an attorney before their family law case arose.You should know that if there are complicated issues in your case, you should work only with an experienced family law attorney. You should make decisions early in the case, and gather the financial documentation your lawyer needs to adequately represent you and your interests. The attorneys at the Law Offices of Heidi Romeo & Associates have the experience you need to successfully navigate the complex California legal system.

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By evaluating your case, the firm can determine the best method to take to get you the results you need. Depending on many different factors - such as the length of the marriage, whether or not children are involved, the family's regular lifestyle, and joint assets - they can quickly formulate a plan for your case and determine whether your situation calls for mediation or a different approach. The attorneys at the firm understand both the legal and emotional difficulty of divorce. They have dealt with unique situations including stepparent adoptions, guardianships and grandparent visitations, and can help the parties involved come to a negotiated settlement that does not have to result in costly litigation. The lawyers at the Law Offices of Heidi Romeo & Associates hold the belief that there is great importance in treating each case individually. With more than 40 years of combined experience, the Upland divorce attorneys at the Law Offices of Heidi Romeo & Associates have the skill and the dedication you need to confidently handle your divorce or family law case. Don't hesitate to contact the firm today for a free case evaluation.

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